To empower people through the provision of infrastructure and employment.
To dedicate each passing day to delivering quality civil and construction services.
The four pillars that drive Drop Dot’s vision are:
– Passion
– Transparency
– Accountability
– Innovation

Drop Dot is committed to:

– Experienced and innovative leadership –
– Empowering the team through skills transference, training and exposure –
– Being the preferred Civil & Construction company to clients based on our quality of our service –

Construction Management

  • Contract Administration
  • Cost & Time Management
  • Site Management & Quality Control

Structural Services

  • Water Retainining Structures
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Road Structures Including Retaining Walls & Barriers
  • Concrete Structures
  • Residential Structures
  • Pumpstation
  • Structural Audit
  • Structural Design of Residential
  • Commercial & Industrial Structures

Project Management

  • Programming
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Cost Estimate
  • Principal Agent
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration & Management
  • Project Inception to Completion
  • Project Execution
  • Quality Management System
  • Risk Management

Civil Services

  • Sewer & Water Reticulation Design
  • Roads & Stormwater Design
  • Stormwater Management System & Urban Drainage
  • Bulk Infrastructure & Treatment Plant
  • Gravity & Pressure Pipelines
  • Construction Supervision


Civil Services Including

  • Water, Sewer, Roads & Stormwater Structures

General Building Including:

  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential
  • Low & middle-income housing
  • Rapid Land Release Programs
  • Community Residential Units (CRU)
  • Mine Hostel upgrades

Earthworks Including

  • Excavations
  • Filling & Compaction of Foundations
  • Large Diameter Pipeline Reticulation
  • Mine Rehabilitation
  • Road Profiles & Levels



  • Civil Services Detailed Drawings
  • Structural Detailed Drawings
  • Civil & Structural As Build Drawings


  • Civil 3D / Autocad
  • Technocad, Prokon & Surfmate

Drop Dots team believes that early identification and subsequent effective management of risk are fundamental skills that lead to sustainability and improved predictability of performance of construction and engineering companies. Early risk identification, monitoring and mitigation is vital in achieving project goals within budget, cost and time.

At Drop Dot, we recognise the importance of operating in a sustainable manner, meeting the needs of today without jeopardising our ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. We are passionate about playing a role in the sustainable development of South Africa and in the reversal of social and economic damages suffered by the previously disadvantaged.

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