To empower people through the provision of infrastructure and employment.
To dedicate each passing day to delivering quality civil and construction services.
The four pillars that drive Drop Dot’s vision are:
– Passion
– Transparency
– Accountability
– Innovation

Drop Dot is a 100% Black owned CIDB Grade 8GB PE; 8CE PE Civil Engineering and Construction company established in 2013. It has an inextinguishable passion for the built environment and is a Level One B-BBEE rating.

Drop Dot has been registered with the NHBRC from inception and has maintained a good standing in the industry over the years, by ensuring that the company’s projects are consistently executed with the utmost professionalism through the following:

– Using quality building materials from reputable suppliers,
– Offering continuous support to clients throughout the life cycle of each, and
– Maintaining transparency regarding the project progress.

The company is driven by its exceptional team which guarantees the execution of projects on time, according to scope and within the allocated budget. Drop Dot consistently abides to the highest standards of Safety, Health and Environmental Management.